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Camo for Early Deer Season Hunting: Green or Brown Clothing?

Welcome to The Camo Coalition!

Deer Season is approaching fast! And which camo pattern you hunt in depends on your location and personal preference. Here in Georgia, it's still green when Archery season opens up on September 10. By Firearms opening day on October 22, you will begin to see a shift moving towards brown with the change of season in full swing...especially North Georgia in the Blue Ridge mountains.

Here at the camo coalition we have you covered from the start of the season all the way to closing day. You can check out RAIDER CONCEALMENT'S line of hunting clothing in BROADSWORD and GLADIUS at We have Men's Outfitter River Shirts, long sleeve base-layer tees, All Season Pants, poly/span Gripper Gloves and Neck Gaiters. So what will you choose? Green or Brown?

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